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Become a Foster Parent!-- What does it entail?

***Why should you help a shelter or rescue dog? Well, because they know FIRSTHAND how very important a loving family is!***
Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the life of a homeless dog, but could not afford the costs of adopting and keeping a dog? Have you ever wanted the opportunity to care for an animal, but unable able to commit to 10+ years of care? If so, fostering is PERFECT for you... and we will give you some reasons why!
REASON #1- By fostering through our rescue, we will supply everything the dog needs (food, treats, crate, bed/blankets, toys, bowls, collar, leash, etc.).
REASON #2- Also by fostering through our rescue, we will cover any/all medical expenses the dog may incur.-- Either by 1.) having the dog see our regular vet & our vet billing us directly, 2.) having the dog see your personal vet (or a good vet local to you) & giving them our credit card over the phone, OR 3.) having the dog see your personal vet (or a good vet local to you) and our rescue reimbursing you after being sent the invoice (if you choose to pay the bill initially, or if the vet does not accept third-party payments). All of this is clearly stated in our foster contract.
REASON #3- This goes as a dog-by-dog basis, but unlike some rescues, we DO place our dogs in foster homes that have kids, cats, and other dogs. We of course make sure our dog is dog, cat, and/or kid friendly prior to foster placement, and make sure our dog gets along well with your entire family (humans and pets alike) prior to foster placement. In other words, just because you have your own family and pets, it does not mean you can't still help out and foster one of our dogs!
REASON #4- We also, again on a dog-to-dog basis, foster out to individuals/families who live in apartments, condos, and the like. Some other rescues only foster out to homes with a yard; however, as long as our dog is fit for an apartment lifestyle, we have no problem with it... as long as your landlord doesn't mind either!
REASON #5- At this point in time, we do not hold public adoption events, and therefore you will NOT be required to bring the dog to weekly/monthly scheduled adoption events. We DO however need to make sure you are able to transport the dog to the vet, in both potential emergency visits and to help out with potential non-emergency visits as well. Sometimes, we do ask for your assistance in showing/introducing the foster dog to pre-screened potential adopters, just so the interested party can have an initial meeting with the dog to see if they/their family and the dog get along well.
REASON #6- If you/your family DO end up falling madly in love with your foster dog (which has happened in the past-- just check out of Success Stoies page!), and if we feel you are a suitable permanent home for that particular dog (meaning you are able to meet his/her needs long-term and you are a good match: personality, energy level, potential medical needs, potential behavioral issues, etc.) then we will give you "first choice" of adoption for that dog.

Fostering an animal from our rescue organization is a fun and exciting experience! Not only do you and your family learn the responsibilities of "animal ownership", but you help save a life in the meantime. As a dog foster parent, you can take the dog you are fostering on walks, teach them basic commands/tricks, cuddle up on the couch, or go out and play fetch in the yard!

We can not stress how important foster homes are to our rescue. Without loving foster homes, our rescue organization would not be able to continue saving as many animals as we do! Our foster parents play a huge role in our rescue, and are very much appreciated by both the animals and ourselves!

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in becoming a foster parent. Foster homes are URGENTLY needed so we can continue to save more animals from the high kill shelters.