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How do I adopt?

We hear many horror stories from potential adopters of how other rescue organizations they have dealt with in the past came off strong, were rude, and did not tend to answer their questions/concerns in full. Unlike other such rescues, we pride ourselves on our communication skills with the public and willingness to work with people who are interested in helping the animals!

Below is our usual adoption procedure list. It might seem a little lengthy, but every step of the way helps us ensure we are placing the right dog into the right home. After all, that is our main goal!

Step #1- Potential adopters fill out and return an adoption application. (Please email us for an application.) We ask that you make sure the application is filled out in completion before sending it back to us, so we can review it quickly without any hassle. We review adoption applications usually the same day they come in, so you should expect to hear from us shortly! If all looks good, you would take the next step in the adoption process!

Step #2- If you haven't already met with the animal you are interested in adopting at one of our adoption events, we set up a date for you and your family to meet with and hang out with the animal. This gives the potential adopter a chance to experience the animals' disposition and cute antics! It also gives us a chance to see if the potential adopter connects with the animal, and will help us determine if it is a perfect match! If animal and human seem to be getting along well and if we think you are a good home for the animal, you would then take the next step in the adoption process!

Step #3- A housecheck is required for every adoption. No, we do not snoop around rifling through your stuff! The housecheck is just to ensure the home/yard is safe for the animal you are interested in bringing into your family. We will check the yard, to make sure there are not any low points or holes in your fencing and just check a couple of things indoors to make sure we feel safe with the environment the animal would be living in. While completing the housecheck, this is also a good time for the adopter to ask our rescue representatives any questions they may have about the animal, etc. Once the housecheck is completed and approved, you then take the final step in the adoption process!

Step #4- Once the adoption application, "meet and greet", and housecheck are completed and approved, it is time to complete the adoption! We usually complete the housecheck and adoption on the same day, unless previously planned otherwise. To complete the adoption, the adopter agrees to and signs the adoption contract and donates the suggested amount of an "adoption donation" to our rescue! From that point on, the animal is a new member of their family to be loved and cherished fur-ever!

Step #5- The animal is then added to the "Success Stories" page of our website; where their face will glisten with joy and everybody will know he/she found a loving, fur-ever home!

We always love to hear about how our adopted animals are doing in their new homes! So if you adopt one of our animals, please don't forget to write us periodically with updates and pictures of him/her enjoying life to the fullest!

Suggested amount of "adoption donation": Dog- $150, Cat- $75, Rabbit- $25, and Critters- vary

"Adoption donations" go directly back towards the other animals we save from high-kill shelters. These are suggested amounts of donations, but feel free to donate more! The animals need the financial support and greatly thank you!

All dogs and cats are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, and microchipped prior to adoption. We inform all potential adopters of all (if any!) medical and/or behavioral issues prior to adoption.

Please note: Adoptions are NOT done on a "first come, first serve" basis, but to the home that best suits the animal's personality, energy level, needs, etc. We reserve the right to refuse adoption to any applicant for any reason.

  ~We do NOT do adoptions out of the Southern California area. Sorry for any inconvenience!~