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We are partnering up with Doni Mason and partaking in her generous offer for a Pet Memorial Ornament Fundraiser!

For each ornament you buy, $5 is donated to OUR rescue! You can personalize your Pet Memorial ornaments to honor and cherish your beloved pets forever.

These ornaments are extremely well made and created to last for years! We received a sample ornament from Doni and it is just beautiful. Purchase an ornament for yourself and for Holiday presents! Each ornament is $10.95 ($5 going towards our rescue!) and shipping is $6.50; however, you can order as many ornaments as you wish and shipping is still only $6.50, as they will be shipped together via priority mail!

CLICK HERE to order Pet Memorial Ornaments!

 ****You can also partake in Cody the Blind Horse's Ornament Fundraiser!****

CLICK HERE to order Cody the Blind Horse ornaments!