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Volunteers needed for Fundraising Committee!


We are now looking to expand our Fundraising Committee to help raise more funds for animals in need of a second chance at life! We are looking for like-minded individuals who are eager to work hard, be creative, make a difference in the lives of homeless animals, and work together as a team.

Funds raised will be put towards the medical bills, training/rehabilitation, and other necessary items, such as food, beds, etc. of the dogs taken into our rescue. Fundraisers will differ in regards to the size of the event and the duration of time needed to be spent in preparing/planning for the event, but it's all for the dogs, so every minute volunteered makes a world of difference for these wonderful dogs!

Please contact us ASAP for more information! We are looking for volunteers of ALL AGES!

                                     Gertrude2.jpg picture by leashanimalrescue